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Young Artist Classes
in Scarborough

These new classes are for young people who are serious about art. 

Each week we will introduce new techniques.


There will be objective-looking where we will pay close attention to a still life or a landscape.


We will look at colour theory and put it into practice by mixing colour and seeing how colour works in context with other colour.


We will explore mark-making using various materials. We will stipple, sponge, daub, scratch, wipe, smudge, rip and repair our materials opening them up to change and experimentation.


We will look at the world of imaginative picture-making, exploring our minds and memories, and doing so while looking at the various formal traditions that have been passed down to us through our shared art history.


What is Cubism? What is Impressionism? What is abstraction? 


Let children and young people discover all this and more at our new art classes for budding art lovers.


Taught by Lizzie Hall.

Includes guest tutors.

How to Find Us


Our Young Artists class takes place at:




YO11 2BA

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