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About Us

What is is a booking platform for classes, courses and workshops organised by North Yorks Art School: a small street corner arts initiative based in Scarborough.


As North Yorks Art School, we have been delivering classes, courses and workshops in Scarborough in a large number of disciplines since January 2020.


In that time we've built up a respectable following and today we welcome over 100 people through our doors every week. 

In September 2023, North Yorks Art School began organising classes in other venues outside Scarborough, first in Darlington and Danby and then in Winteringham.


Our aim in the near future is to open up more besides, finding venues throughout the UK and pairing them with tutors and caretakers.


Our endeavour is to bring quality classes in a range of subjects, and not just the arts, to anyone wanting to learn.

We hope our Class Chat page on this site will enable people involved in all our various events to keep in touch with each other no matter what part of the country they live in. 

We really hope you'll join a booka event soon and show us the results in Class Chat.

Press Release

Click the link to see our latest press release

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