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I tried to be some kind of contemporary artist living in London, giving up precious time and life for a dream life that would never come. It's a sort of fanaticism really wanting to make it in THAT art world.

You have a head full of historical saints and monsters constantly swirling your brain and it's futile. I've seen people get much closer - like massively much closer - to me to all that but its an ever receding horizon line.

I just wanted someone to ask me to be in their show rather than have to do it myself all the time i.e. put myself in my own shows, ha! A friend who did very well used to complain about never being nominated for a Turner. I thought, wow, people are never really happy with what they get. Nothing is ever enough.

I don't know what I am now (I run with Andrew Perkins). What I do is diversifying at a pace that is somewhat dizzying. I'm not really in the art world now as an artist myself. I'm not committed. Not part of the asylum but I still have some notion that I'll return. The longer I'm away though, I just think; why would I want to return to that? It's really boring, ha! All that talk of brush strokes as if anything real actually depends on it. It makes me laugh, but then I am a terrible philistine with no real interest in anything outside junk TV and eating. Thank god I have a reasonably fast metabolism!

Day-to-day, though, I do talk about these things to people who have no idea about such things. I really enjoy helping them at N