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Convenience culture, buy-and-throw-away wastefulness needs challenging.

We'd like to see a revival of people making and creating everyday things in a practical way while still keeping an eye on the decorative and beautiful. To place all this in a historical context - to have a more rounded understanding of where things come from - is also a good idea.

With this in mind, we met Meridith Towne earlier in the year over at North Yorks Art School in Scarborough. We wanted to see how we could work together on future workshops. Meridith is a dress historian/ dress designer and has a background in historic costume design.

She came across as very knowledgeable about her areas of interest and ticked all of our boxes when we met her; someone who wants to take art and crafts back to fundamentals and share her considerable knowledge of costume history, design and creation with other people.

We found Meridith fun and friendly and the perfect fit for North Yorks Art School, the only issue being we couldn’t get her booked for any workshops until 2024.

That was until we started to deliver workshops outside of Scarborough and so we were able to agree the first workshop would take place on 11 November at Hummersknot Academy in Darlington.

There are a number of workshops Meridith is going to run for us in the coming months at various locations but we decided to go for Coast to Coast Button Making as her debut workshop in Darlington.

With the workshop taking place in the lead-up to Christmas, we thought this would be a great one to start with where people can make a personal gift for someone or as a treat for themselves while expanding their knowledge of how to be more hands-on in the process.

During the workshop, Meridith will talk through the history of both the Yorkshire and Devon buttons, demonstrate how each are made and teach you the skills to make your own buttons that can then be used to create jewellery, a hair band or be ready to use on another garments.

To find out more and to secure your place visit this link:

Andrew Perkins


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